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Stock Prediction Using Deep Learning

Recently have been looking into some stock market prediction libraries and repositories for our group project for CS7643 Deep Learning at Georgia Tech. Previously I worked on traditional Machine Learning algorithms and Q-Learning algorithm from Reinforcement Learning for CS7646: Machine Learning for Trading commonly known as the “ML4T course”. My codes for ML4T is locked […]


My OMSCS journey

I started my MS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech in Spring 2019. Since then it has been a very challenging yet rewarding journey. Let me revisit the courses every semester. Database System Design Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making (Eventually dropped) Software Architecture and Design Graduate Introduction to Operating System Information Security Machine Learning for […]

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Game Theory Concepts for Reinforcement Learning

There are many flavors of games in Game Theory which are interesting from Machine Learning perspectives, especially from multi-agent Reinforcement Learning applications. Here is the summary of multiple game types are if MinMax algorithm works and what type of strategy one needs to employ.