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How To Compute Reconstruction Error for Random Projection

Random Projection is an interesting Dimensionality Reduction technique. You may choose to create a random projection for 1,2,3,..,n dimensional projections. Now how to tell which one is best? So you would need to calculate loss of data due to this reduction in data size. # data has this shape: row, col = 4898, 11 random_projection […]


Entrepreneurship = Selling Vision ?

What does it take for the creative leaders and entrepreneurs to manage money, people, investment, resources, and manage so many aspects to make big dreams come to reality. Why do people trust their vision? Why do people sign up thinking the cause is worth their effort?

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Introduction to Reinforcement Learning: Key Terminologies

An important Machine Learning concept is Reinforcement Learning which is different from the more common Supervised or Unsupervised Learning models. In Supervised learning, you have the labels for training, in Unsupervised learning, there is no labeled data. Reinforcement Learning falls in between the two because it does not have a label but it learns from […]