Spring Boot and Angular JS Application Development

Installing Environment

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd

sudo apt install -y default-jdk
sudo snap install node --classic
sudo npm install -g @angular/cli --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root

sudo snap install intellij-idea-ultimate --classic --edge
sudo snap install --classic code 
sudo snap install postman

sudo snap install http

Setup PostgreSQL Database Server

We are going to show how to install PostgreSQL database on a Debian Linux system.

$ sudo apt-get install postgresql  

Check status

$ /etc/init.d/postgresql status

Add password for the postgress account

$ sudo -u postgres psql postgres
psql (9.5.10)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# \password postgres
Enter new password: 
Enter it again: 

Create a new user with a password

$ sudo -u postgres createuser --interactive --password usertest
Shall the new role be a superuser? (y/n) n
Shall the new role be allowed to create databases? (y/n) y
Shall the new role be allowed to create more new roles? (y/n) n

Create a new database test_db with the new role as the owner

$ sudo -u postgres createdb test_db -O usertest

Now edit the pg_hba.conf file to enable connection

$ sudo vi /etc/postgresql/12/main/pg_hba.conf

By changing the lines below with trust

# "local" is for Unix domain socket connections only
local   all             all                                     trust
# IPv4 local connections:
host    all             all               trust

Restart the server

$ sudo service postgresql restart

Check if the new role can access the new database

$ psql -U user_test -d test_db -W