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How To Compute Reconstruction Error for Random Projection

Random Projection is an interesting Dimensionality Reduction technique. You may choose to create a random projection for 1,2,3,..,n dimensional projections. Now how to tell which one is best?

So you would need to calculate loss of data due to this reduction in data size.

# data has this shape:  row, col = 4898, 11 
random_projection = SparseRandomProjection(n_components=5)
components =  random_projection.components_.toarray() # shape=(5, 11) 
p_inverse = np.linalg.pinv(components.T) # shape=(5, 11) 

#now get the transformed data using the projection components
reduced_data = random_projection.transform(data) #shape=(4898, 5) 
reconstructed=  #shape=(4898, 11) 
assert  reduced_data.shape ==  reconstructed.shape
error = mean_squared_error(data, reconstructed)

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